How to Increase Airsoft Gun Range & Accuracy

Everyone wants an airsoft gun that can shoot targets really far out and accurately. Therefore it would be really handy to know all the techniques used to achieve this outcome. Luckily for you, I am putting out this guide with 7+ years of airsofting knowledge for you to achieve the best range and accuracy.

In short, to increase your airsoft gun’s range and accuracy you should:

  • use heavier and quality BBs
  • clean your barrel for more consistent shots
  • invest in a better hop-up bucking
  • upgrade to an r-hop barrel patch
  • fix potential air leaks in the gearbox cylinder assembly
  • upgrade your inner barrel
  • stabalize your inner barrel (if it wobbles inside your outer barrel)
  • “polish” your inner barrel  (technical term is called barrel lapping)


Let’s start with the most important and easier aspects first to achieve the best airsoft gun range and accuracy for you.


Using a Heavier Airsoft BB Weight

Without doing any upgrades or modifications, the easiest way to hit targets farther and accurately is to simply use heavier ammo.

Heavier ammo is less affected by wind and light cover such as tree branches and leaves. The only downside to heavy ammo is that it travels slower. For example, when you switch from .20g BBs to .30g BBs you will see a 25-75 FPS drop. Although this isn’t great, remember that with heavy ammo you can engage targets at further distances. This is why heavy ammo is ideal for outdoor players, where engagements from 100 feet to 200 feet are very common.

For all outdoor players, I would highly recommend using at least a .25g or higher BB weight. Snipers should use .30g ammo or higher, where engagements up to 250 feet may be more common.

Please note that some airsoft guns, magazines, or hop-up units may misfeed with heavier ammo. Please try a few different brands of BBs and a few different weights to see what works best for your setup. Also keep note that some manufacturers sell sample packs of BBs, where you can try a few different kind of BB weights to see what works best.

Indoor players may find it more effective to use the standard .20g BBs, as CQB play is fast-paced and close up. These rounds are also inexpensive and travel fast to targets.

Using Quality Airsoft Ammo

Besides using heavier ammo, it is important to use HIGH-QUALITY ammo.

Why you may ask? Well,  higher quality rounds are more consistent than the cheaper brands. The factory machines that make the higher quality BBs have tighter tolerances in order to make sure each round is as perfect as possible. If your BBs have more “mistakes” in them, then they will be affected by the wind and air resistance in more different ways, making each round go off-center from your target.

Although cheap ammo is very appealing, it will not give you the results you want. You will struggle to hit targets, so essentially your money will be going to waste.

I used to use cheap ammo. However, once I switched over to heavier and more quality rounds, the difference in hitting targets was night and day. I finally started to hit targets that I wouldn’t dream of hitting with my cheaper BB’s.


2. Cleaning your Airsoft Barrel / Hop-Up

It is really important to clean out your airsoft barrel every so often. It is crucial to have a clean path for your BB to travel through if you want to have laser accuracy. Every little piece of microscopic dirt in your barrel will change the BB’s path. Therefore you should clean your barrel and hop-up using my future guide.  Ideally, you should do this BEFORE every game day, as your barrel will accumulate dust and debris from sitting out (gun cases will help to prevent this, but you should still clean it anyway).

One important thing you should know is that THE KEY TO ACCURACY IS CONSISTENCY. Please remember that! It will help you on your journey to achieving the perfect airsoft gun accuracy and range.

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