Top 7 Airsoft Safety Tips for Beginner to Pro

Top 7 Airsoft Safety Tips for Beginner to Pro

As always, safety should be your top priority in everything you do, including on and off the airsoft field. Airsoft guns cannot kill or heavily injure anyone, but that does not mean there is room for carelessness and ignorance of safety while playing. You still have to take the basic safety precautions, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

That is how to stay on the safe side. Using airsoft guns needs you to have proper protection, and this guide is meant to enlighten you on the matter. We have gathered the top 7 airsoft safety tips for beginner to pro to help keep you and everyone around you nice and safe.


What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

  • Quality airsoft guns
  • Quality airsoft BBs
  • Full-seal protective eyewear
  • Ear, face, and eye protection
  • Airsoft ghillies
  • Helmets
  • Tactical vests
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Uniform sets
  • Tactical boots
  • Extra magazines

Step 1: Safety Gear

You have to dress up for the game, and that means wearing all the necessary safety gear. Never should you set foot on the field without all the proper safety gear. Always wear ear, face, and eye protection, whether you are playing or not. When the BBs start flying in the air, they may land on anyone within the vicinity.

So, if you run the risk of stray airsoft BBs, make sure you gear up with your protection. The full face protection is the best since it protects the most delicate parts such as the eye and teeth.

You can purchase full-seal protective eyewear with good quality as the most basic protection against the airsoft BBS. You also need to wear long-sleeved pants and shirts when playing airsoft games. You can have extra padded on your knees, hands, and feet for better protection and safety.

Even better, there are various kinds of airsoft ghillies, helmets, tactical vests, jackets, pants, and uniform sets available for airsoft players who would like to make the battle look more real while still maintaining a high degree of safety.

Step 2: Understand How Airsoft Guns Work

Players who do not know how airsoft guns work are more likely to injure others or get injured by these guns. It is not about expert-level knowledge we are talking about here. You need to know enough to help you diagnose your issues when something goes wrong.

It is vital to have at least a little know-how to make informed decisions about upgrades. With some basic repair skills and general knowledge of the airsoft gun, you will address potential safety issues. Hence, you can prevent them from possible reoccurrence.

Step 3: Maintain Your Airsoft Gun Properly

Proper gun maintenance goes a long way to make it safer for everyone, whether you are the user or not. Make it a habit to dismantle your gun to check for worn out parts and those that may need replacement.

If there are such parts, replace them with new high-quality parts to keep your gun tuned up. Similarly, you have to clean your gun regularly because that would increase its accuracy and reliability, making it safer.

Cleaning your airsoft gun regularly also increases its life. The process is very simple that anyone can do once they have been shown how to do it. After a long day of shooting, clean the barrel. But first, before you do any cleaning on it, make sure it is not loaded. With a soft damp cloth, clean the barrel on the exterior. Then use the silicone spray to clean the interior parts of the gun’s barrel.


Step 4: Be Aware of Where You Point Your Muzzle

It would be best if you kept your senses working at all times when in the game. One of the most important of these top 7 airsoft safety tips for beginner to pro is where you point your muzzle. Do not just be careless and ignorant when it comes to where you point your gun even when you are not aiming. Only point it at the things you intend to shoot. When running or not aiming at anything, it should point at the ground slightly ahead of you.

The idea is to reduce cases of friendly fires and accidents. Whether it is loaded or not, you should make it a rule always to keep the nozzle pointing in a safe direction. That is how you build experience in holding a gun safely. That is also how you steer clear of possible accidental shootings or taking undeliberated shots. It is the same reason you should never look into the barrel for whatever reason and even with eye protection.

Step 5: Unload the Gun and Leave It Like That When Not Playing

Every time you are through with the game, and whenever you are not playing, always leave the airsoft gun unloaded. There may be many reasons why you can’t keep real guns loaded outside the shooting range but not an airsoft gun. The latter is used for games in which players have to wear the necessary protective. You should load them outside the playing ground when people have no eye ear or face protection gear.

Only load it when you get to the field, and everyone has their protective on. If, for any reason, you have to leave the field, make sure you remove the magazine and fire at the ground in a safe direction until you confirm that not a single BB is left in the gun. That is when you know that the gun is completely unloaded. Always treat your gun like it can fire at any time, even when you know very well that it is not loaded.

Step 6: Do Not Alter the Guns without Technical Training

Even when cleaning your airsoft gun, never alter it without technical training. Even though you have to know how to work on your gun, there are limits to this requirement. Do not be too brave when it comes to altering a gun. You can make simple mistakes that may amount to very serious problems. To alter or upgrade your airsoft gun, you have to be a professional.

This is not one of those things you can take chances with. Only professionals should alter airsoft guns and not anyone with lesser skills or experience. Even though we said before that airsoft guns could not kill or seriously injure you, poor technical skills and altering of your gun can lead to worse injuries. You can take time to learn how to upgrade but never gamble with wrenching on your gun under any circumstances.

Step 7: Use Quality Airsoft Guns and BBs

The quality of your ammo has a lot of importance. You need the best guns not only to get the best out of every game but also to stay safe. Likewise, use the best quality BBs. But why can’t you use any? High-quality airsoft BBs are less likely to shatter on impact. You know how messy shattered BBs can be, from spraying shrapnel in every direction to breaking and jamming your gun. The best ones can be a little more expensive but are well worth it.

Final Verdict

There may be more tips, but these are the top 7 airsoft safety tips for the beginner to pro. With airsoft games gaining crazy popularity as days pass by, it is important to help new and old players understand the importance of playing safe. People are increasingly becoming more vulnerable to injuries.

Therefore, use this guide to help you make the right decisions and keep yourself and everyone around you safe as a result. Educate yourself about these topics beforehand. Always remember better safe than sorry.



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